Petter AV1 AV2 Engine spares & parts

Sr No Part Name Sr No Part Name Sr No Part Name
1 Air Cleaner N.M. With Clamp 23 F.Pin Bush Type Open 45 Lub Oil Pump Stainer W/Clamp
2 Air Cleaner OM with Clamp 24 Filter Casing Round/Square C.I. 46 Main Bearing Housing BR Type
3 Automizer Body 25 Fly Wheel Key 47 Main Bearing Housing Bush Type
4 Balance Weight 26 Fuel Filter Element 48 Oil Seal N.M.Big
5 C.R.Bolt 27 Fuel Oil Stainer D/Net Plastic 49 Oil Seal N.M.Small
6 Cam Bush C.I. 28 Fuel Pipe Pump to Injector 50 Oil Seal O.M.Big
7 Cam Shaft Extension Short 3 29 Fuel Pump Body 51 Piston Pin 80mm/85mm
8 Cam Shaft Gear Wheel Shaper 30 Fuel Pump Bracket 52 Piston Ring 80mm Set T.C.(C.Box)
9 Cam Shaft New Model 31 Fuel Pump Rocker lever 53 Piston Ring 85mm Set T.C.(C.Box)
10 Cam Shaft Old Model 32 Gear Set Kirloskar 54 Push Rod
11 Connecting Rod AV1 33 Gov . Ass . N.M/O.M. 55 Push Rod Cover Sheet
12 Crank Case W/Block Bush/BR Type 34 Gov . Weight C.I. Keol 56 Rocker Box Comp .With Lever Shaft
13 Crank Case W/Block N.Type 35 Gov.Springs 18 Coils 57 Rocker Box Cover
14 Crank Gear Shaper 36 Gov.Springs 22 Coils 58 Starting Handle Comp .
15 Crank Shaft AV! N/M W/O Teeth 37 Gov.Springs 27 Coils 59 Stud Kit Comp (Card Box)
16 Crank Shaft Bearing Type AV1 38 Head Repair Kit Comp 60 Stud Kit Comp. (Tin Packing)
17 Crank Shaft Bush Type AV1 39 Inlet/Exhoust Valve(Card Box) 61 Valve Cup With Collet
18 Cylinder Head Gasket Black AV1 40 Liner W/Piston,Pin,Ring,Kit Set AV1 62 Valve Guide
19 Cylinder Head Gasket Black JV1 41 Liner W/Piston,Pin,Ring,Kit Set JV1 63 Valve Rocker Inlet/Exhoust
20 Cylinder Head With Guides 42 Lub Oil Pump D/Pump 64 Valve Spring Inner/Outer
21 Exhoust Silencer AV-1 43 Lub Oil Pump Filter Element N.M. 65 Valve Tappet
22 F.Pin Bearing Type Close 44 Lub Oil Pump S/Ball



Petter AV1 AV2 Stationary Engines

Above spares are suitable for Petter AV1 AV2 Engine also referred to as Indian Petter AV1 AV2 or Petteriod or Kirloskar AV1 AV2. for spares other then mentioned above can also be supplied on request.


For any requirement or clarification feel free to contact us.


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