Lister CS (cold start) spares & parts list

  lister camshaft, governor and cover  single cylinder only

  lister camshaft, governor and cover  12/2 and 16/2

  lister crankcase  single cylinder only

  lister crankcase  12/2 and 16/2

  Crankshaft (bush), connecting rod, piston and cylinder


 Crankshaft (taper roller bearing), connecting rod, piston, cylinder and flywheel

 Crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and cylinder  12/2 and 16/2

  Cylinder head

 Fuel system

 Lubricating oil system (6/1 and 8/1)


 Lubricating oil system (12/2 and 16/2)


 Fuel tank  tank cooled engines (engine mounted) 6/1 and 8/1 engines only.




 Starting handle


 Joints for 6/1, 8/1, 12/2 and 16/2 diesel engines


 Cylinder head assembly compression ratio change-over valve

Fast moving / frequently required spares


Sr. No     Name
1 Air cleaner lister 23 Idler gear
2 Atomizer Body lister 24 Idler gear bolt
3 C.R. Bolt W/nut lister 25 In let cam lister
4 Cam Gear lister 26 Rocker Ass. steel Lister
5 Cam shaft bare 27 Rocker Ass. Cast Iron lister
6 Cam shaft comp . 5/1,8/1 28 Rocker lever lister steel forge
7 Connecting rod 5/1 29 Roller guide comp. lister
8 Crank shaft bearing 5/1 30 Starting handle
8 Crank shaft bush 5/1 31 Valve cup W/collets lister
9 Cylinder head gasket black 5/1 32 Valve guide mini plain
10 Cylinder head gasket black 8/1 33 Valve Guide Plain lister
11 Exhoust cam lister 34 Valve inlet \ exhoust lister 5/1
12 Exhoust silencer 35 Valve inlet \ exhaust lister 8/1
13 Fuel cam lister 36 Valve spring lister
14 Fuel pump body 37 Valve tappet with guide lister
15 Fuel pump plate BR type 38 Crank shaft 5/1
16 Gov . hook lister 39 Cylinder bore
17 Gov . sleeve 40 Piston 5-1 (cast iron)
18 Gov . spring lister 41 Piston ring (4+1)
19 Gov . weight lister 42 Piston pin & circlip
20 Gov. ass. comp. 8/1 (Murga) 43 Piston with rings, gudgeon pin and circlips
21 Gudgeon pin Standard 5/1 42 Cylinder head
22 Gudgeon pin Standard 8/1

Besides lister or Listeroid engines / Lister CS clone engines spares mentioned above we can also supply other spares on request. For any requirement feel free to contact us.

Dev Precision Engineers also Sell engine spares in small quantity directly as per order or through Ebay. We also accept Paypal online payment. Any product required shell be updated on ebay on request. We believe in provide quality product and service of high standards so that our customers have hassle free operations. We believe in long term business by providing quality service from our company.

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